Situation Analysis

  • Estetiq Solutions is one of the market leaders in the distribution of technical equipment and supplies for medical aesthetic clinics and beauty centers, founded in 2010
  • In 2014, the company had the exclusivity for 3 international producers and it was developing a sales strategy whose target was to increase market share
  • The communication challenge was to support this sales strategy with PR techniques, to raise awareness for the products the company was distributing, as well as to manage the reputation of Estetiq Solutions as a supplier, on a market dominated by 2 actors
  • The communication campaign has been developed on a fertile but very young foundation, among an audience that needed to be educated how to choose the aesthetic services and devices that fitted their needs

Our Approach

  • ACT PR proposed an integrated communication strategy aimed to reach both the B2B market, as well as the final consumer, in order to create market demand for the aesthetic solutions in question

Action Plan

  • Designing and developing a new website for Estetiq Solution in order to offer a thorough presentation of the devices and cosmetic products
  • Designing new brochures and collaterals for the portfolio brands, as well as for Estetiq Solutions itself
  • Creating and monitoring the communication mix
  • Creating and disseminating press materials for B2B media
  • Creating and disseminating press materials for lifestyle magazines in order to reach the B2C objectives
  • Developing the social media strategy, including the PPC campaigns
  • Identifying the right celebrities for the endorsement of each product/device according to its functionalities and target
  • Creating and managing brand events (conferences for the doctors, workshops for beauticians, training for customers)
  • Managing & amplifying the presence of Estetiq Solutions in fairs and exhibitions
  • Buying media in the most representative magazines


  • The devices distributed by Estetiq Solutions have been featured in the most important lifestyle magazines in Romania
  • Estetiq Solutions showroom hosted more than 10 events dedicated to final customers and media
  • Estetiq Solutions Facebook page has become a important source of information for practitioners and customers
  • The company is now invited to participate in the most important aesthetics events